Cerebral Palsy Claims 

Cerebral Palsy is the name given to a collection of symptoms resulting from deprivation of blood and oxygen to the brain. It is one of a number of Brain Injuries than can occur as a result of Clinical Negligence during the birth of a child.

At Jackson Lees Solicitors, we have worked on many cases of this nature, and we can provide the emotional support and legal expertise your family needs at this stressful time.

The symptoms of Cerebral Palsy vary in nature and severity, and this will influence the amount of compensation you can receive. It will depend on the extent of the damage to the brain and its cause.

In the most serious cases, children with Cerebral Palsy may be left unable to walk or talk, and cannot carry out basic activities without assistance. Even when the symptoms are mild, patients often require care and support beyond the levels you would expect for a healthy child of the same age.

Instances of Cerebral Palsy are comparatively rare, but for families who are affected the consequences can be devastating. Parents understandably worry about who will look after their child when they are unable to do so.

While not all cases are caused by Medical Negligence, a percentage of them are, and if this happens it is essential to appoint an experienced law firm.

Our team has the expertise to deal with the complex medical issues involved and the intensive work required to assess how much compensation your child will need to live as normal a life as possible.

Brain Injuries at birth can have a significant impact on the lives of your child and your family. With over 25 years of Medical Negligence, Jackson Lees Solicitors are very experienced at handling Brain Injury cases. The support offered by Jackson Lees Solicitors can be invaluable in helping you make a Cerebral Palsy claim against the hospital concerned and getting the support you need.

At Jackson Lees, we have acted for many families who have been through the trauma of having a child who suffered a Brain Injury at or around the time of birth, as a result of Medical Negligence. These cases are invariably complex, emotional and of the greatest possible importance to clients and their families. Over the years, we have built up considerable experience in handling these cases. We know that the legal process can be stressful for clients who are already dealing with very difficult circumstances, and do our best to take the strain wherever possible, and to achieve the right result for the client and their family, which will meet both their short and long term needs.

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We understand the impact that these distressing cases can have on families. The severity of Cerebral Palsy symptoms can leave children unable to talk, walk or go about their daily routine, and they may require Medical care and assistance for the rest of their lives.

In these cases, it is natural for parents to be concerned about their child’s future, and safeguarding this will be a key factor in our assessment of your Cerebral Palsy claim as we aim to ensure your child can lead as normal a life as possible, with the care and equipment they need. This is why you Need a Specialist on your side.

When a case involves a potentially life-altering condition such as Cerebral Palsy, it is common for the defendant to defend themselves quite strongly. This is where the expertise and experience of our Medical Negligence solicitors can be invaluable, as we know exactly what is required to achieve success.

We also recognise that parents are sometimes keen to make people aware of their experience, in the hope that this will prevent other families from suffering this kind of Medical Negligence in future. Our team can help you achieve this, if you wish.

Case Study

In one recent case, we acted for a client who suffered from severe Cerebral Palsy which affected all four limbs, and also meant that she was unable to speak. She required round the clock care and assistance with all aspects of daily life, to include eating, washing and mobility, and was further affected by her limited communication ability.

Following careful consideration with experts in Paediatric Neurology, Neuroradiology, and Paediatrics, it was argued that if urgent delivery by caesarean section had taken place by the time indicated by the Claimant’s Medical Experts, the child would have been spared all of the injuries that she in fact suffered.

The case eventually settled for the capital equivalent of £5.5m, which was approved by the Court, to be paid as a mix of a lump sum payment, and then smaller, on-going payments for the rest of the child’s life.

The settlement meant that the family could move to a property which was adapted to meet the child’s considerable needs, and care could be provided in an appropriate setting. Suitable equipment was also obtained, to improve the child’s quality of life and independence where possible.

Whilst it is not possible for such settlements to “turn back the clock” – and we wish that they could – they do allow for considerable improvements to the child and their family’s quality of life, and allow the child to maximise their potential as far as possible.

We believe that such cases are worth fighting hard for our clients and their families, and do our best to ensure that we get the most appropriate result for them.

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If you need to make a Cerebral Palsy claim and want a legal team you can rely on, Jackson Lees Solicitors can help. We work hard on your behalf to ensure justice is done, as well as providing you with the all the information and emotional support you need throughout your case.

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