Alternative Family Law Advice 

At Jackson Lees, we understand that every family is different – every family matters to us.

Family structures can be very different and the law now recognises modern and alternative families. With the advancement of fertility treatments, and surrogacy families are being created and extended.

The laws in England can be complex and it is important to ensure that you know your legal rights before planning for your family.

If things sadly go wrong after having your family you will need to take trusted legal advice.

We can guide you through the complex legal process and help you understand where you and your family stands with regards to matters such as:-

  • Parental Rights before and following conception of a child;
  • Parental Orders;
  • Child Arrangements (contact and residence);
  • Relocation of Children;
  • Welfare of a Child and Social Services involvement;
  • Surrogacy;
  • Adoption;

Our Children and Family Law team include members of the Law Society's Family Law and Children Law Accreditation Scheme and Resolution.

If you need any advice regarding any of the above, get in touch with one of our friendly Children Law team today on 0151 227 1429.