Mental Capacity and Making Decisions

If you have a relative diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or perhaps learning disabilities or autism, they may have difficulty in making decisions. As a result, you may find yourself in incomprehensible situations. Have you for example been stopped from seeing a loved one in hospital or a care home? This is one of the many situations we here at Broudie Jackson Canter find is not uncommon.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 says that people who are not able to make decisions should first and foremost be helped as much as possible to make their own decisions. However you may find your relative’s views are not being listened to where they are considered to lack capacity; or perhaps as a relative or carer yourself you feel your views are not being taken in to consideration when it comes to these important decisions.

You may be in dispute with the local authority or with the local primary care trust as to decisions relating to your relative such as contact, where your relative should live or perhaps decisions relating to their care plan or withholding life sustaining treatment.

Broudie Jackson Canter can represent those who require help when they have been prevented from having contact with a loved one in hospital or a care home or alternatively where there are issues as to residence or continuing or withholding medical treatment, where the decision being made is contrary to your relative’s wishes.

If any of these issues or issues of a similar nature are currently a concern to you then please know that you are not alone and we have the expertise to help you.

Please contact our Walker House office in Liverpool on 0151 227 1429.