Professional Negligence Solicitors

Most of us will need to rely on professional advice at some time, but unfortunately there are occasions when their actions or advice falls short of the standard you should expect to receive. If this causes you to suffer financially, our Professional Negligence Solicitors may be able to help you with a compensation claim. Our team of experienced specialists have extensive knowledge of Disputes concerning Professional Negligence. We will work closely with our clients to explore all available options, including the possibility of settling the matter without starting court proceedings.

Types of Professional Negligence

Jackson Lees Solicitors can help with many different types of Professional Negligence. For example, if you trusted your lawyer to handle your house Conveyancing and they failed to spot a major problem, that has caused you financial loss, then you may have a claim for Solicitor Negligence. However, if it was your surveyor who missed something important when carrying out the survey, and you have suffered loss, then you may have a claim for Surveyor Negligence. Alternatively, if you entrusted a financial adviser or accountant to advise you on your financial affairs, or those of your company, and have been left out of pocket after following their poor advice, you may have a claim for Accountant Negligence or Financial Adviser Negligence. 

Contact Jackson Lees solicitors

If you feel you have been the victim of Professional Negligence, Jackson Lees Solicitors may be able to help you recover damages for the financial loss you have suffered. You can call us free on 0151 282 1700 for advice, or contact us online with information about your case.