The Jackson Lees Group

The Jackson Lees Group is an award-winning, forward-thinking law firm in the North West with one common mission; to make a positive difference through the practice of law.

The Group provides a full-service legal solution to personal and commercial clients. With over 280 committed employees spanning over four offices, the Jackson Lees Group has a wide range of expertise to support you with your legal need.

Within the Jackson Lees Group there are industry-recognised leaders who are changing the shape of the legal environment. Through hard work, commitment to their clients, and unrivalled expertise, the Group is making a difference through the practice of law.

The Jackson Lees Group was formed in May 2016 after Liverpool Solicitors Jackson Canter acquired Wirral-based law firm, Lees Solicitors. Lees joined Jackson Canter and Broudie Jackson Canter, with the three forming the Jackson Lees Group.

All have a long and well-respected history, with Lees Solicitors being founded in 1889, and Broudie Jackson Canter recently representing 20 families at the historic Hillsborough inquest.

In March 2024 Jackson Lees Group acquired Farrington Law.

The Group Managing Director is Esther Leach, who joined Broudie Jackson Canter in 2000 as a Duty Solicitor and became a Director at in 2001. Esther is supported by Haley Farrell, who is Deputy Managing Director and Head of Family Law at Broudie Jackson Canter.

The Group spans across the North West, with offices in Liverpool and Wirral.

Jackson Lees Group became Powered by MAPD in 2020, when The MAPD Group took ownership of the firm.