Work Based Claims

Over a million people fall victim to work accidents each year. Accidents at work can affect anybody from the onsite construction worker, right through to the everyday office worker.

Your employer is under a legal duty to prevent an Accident from occurring by ensuring that you are trained sufficiently, provided with the correct equipment and the environment in which you work is safe.

You will be entitled to compensation if you can prove the Accident occurred through someone else’s negligence, be that your employer, fellow employee, or another company based at your place of work.

Your employer is not allowed to treat you unfairly or dismiss you if you make a claim.

Here at Jackson Lees, we will be able to advise you if a breach in your employer’s legal duty has occurred. Even if you think you may have been partly responsible for your accident, it may be that you can still claim.

We are experts in all types of work-based claims and have represented clients who have:

  1. Not been provided with the appropriate training.
  2. Been provided with defective/unsuitable machinery.
  3. Slipped/Tripped.
  4. Been exposed to harmful substances.
  5. Been exposed to violent attacks by customers/patients.
  6. Been subjected to dangerous working practices.
  7. Been exposed to breaches in Health and Safety.