Orthopaedic Claims

Orthopaedic Negligence can occur in a variety of ways, ranging from missed or incorrect diagnoses, to errors during surgery or incorrect treatments or implants being provided.

Claims could involve Medical Negligence during diagnosis or treatment concerning the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles.

In some cases, fractures may be missed by other clinicians, such as GPs or professionals in A&E departments, before subsequently being picked up on scans or x-rays.

In others, once a diagnosis has been made, the treatment provided may be the subject of alleged negligence allegations, an inappropriate procedure may have been performed, or treatment negligently delayed until such a point where its effectiveness is less than should have been the case.

At Jackson Lees, we have acted in many different cases where orthopaedic issues have arisen, and have worked with a number of expert witnesses, who are skilled in their area of practice, and familiar with the legal issues that must be demonstrated for a claim to succeed.

Jackson Lees' solicitors can help patients who suffer an injury as a result of these errors. In some cases, victims can develop severe, life-changing problems, and our experts can help secure the practical financial support required.

Jackson Lees has over 25 years experience of Medical Negligence claims. We have acted on behalf of thousands of clients in England and Wales.

We don’t charge for the initial consultation and we can meet with you out of hours or in the comfort of your own home if this is more convenient.

We can take cases on under a conditional fee agreement also known as ‘no win, no fee’.

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How Jackson Lees Solicitors Can Help

The Medical Negligence team at Jackson Lees has helped clients with claims across a broad range of orthopaedic negligence issues, including neck, arm, foot and spine injuries and joint replacements. Our team of specialists include a former doctor, nurse and midwife.

Our aim is to help all clients achieve the right thing in the right way, and one of the first steps towards achieving this is ascertaining the full facts of your case. We consult with medical experts who will give their independent opinion on how your treatment was handled, and this can be used to support your claim.

Depending on the nature of your job, orthopaedic injuries can prevent you from returning to work until you are fully recovered. Of course, in some cases your recovery may take a long time, and this could potentially cause financial problems for you and your family. In particularly serious cases, it may be that you will require ongoing care.

Our solicitors know exactly how to deal with these situations, that’s why you need a specialist to handle your claim, asking the right questions that will give your orthopaedic claim the best chance of succeeding.

Case Study

We represented a Claimant who had been left with a leg length discrepancy following surgery performed after suffering a fracture to his lower leg. He was initially placed in a temporary plaster cast, and then underwent surgery where a steel rod was inserted to join the fragments of bone, and screwed into place. The Claimant’s case was that this surgery had been performed negligently, in that it led to a 2cm shortening of the leg. Criticisms were also made of the follow up treatment provided, and the Claimant was left with one leg which was approximately 1 inch shorter than the other.

This in turn meant that he would require shoe raises for the rest of his life, and had been restricted in his hobbies, in that he could no longer play football, and had possibly suffered a handicap on the labour market. The matter proceeded to trial, as it was contested throughout, and the case was decided in the Claimant’s favour, such that he was awarded over £10,000 in damages.

In another recent case, we acted for a Claimant following alleged negligence in relation to bunion surgery, which left the Claimant requiring further surgery and with on-going disabilities which restricted her activities considerably, whereas prior to the surgery, she had been very fit and active. She also required additional care and support from her family, and it was alleged that her losses would continue into the future, although this was denied by the Defendant. The matter subsequently settled without the need for Trial for £90,000.

We are proud of our experience, expertise and understanding of orthopaedic claims, and the support that we are able to offer to clients.

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