Employment Contract Advice

Every business needs Employment Contracts and key Policies and procedures in place. Having fundamental rules in the workplace ensures that everyone knows what they should and should not be doing. Jackson Lees can help you take care of this.

By law, employers are required to provide their employees with a written statement setting out specific terms of their employment within the first two months of their start date. However, in practice, it is often a good idea to provide each employee with a robust contract of employment and to put key policies and procedures in place, such as disciplinary and grievance policies. This will help to make sure that your employees know what they can expect from you and, equally, what you expect from your employees.

Jackson Lees can help you put the basics in place. We will take the time to get to know your business so that we can draft documentation that is bespoke to your needs. We will discuss costs and timescales at the outset, so you have peace of mind in knowing that there will be no hidden surprises. Finally, we will make sure that all documents are written in simple English and free from legal jargon, making them accessible to all employees.

To make sure your documentation is up to date, contact one of our expert Employment Solicitors on 0151 282 1700.