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How to get a Divorce

The process of getting a Divorce can often be a simple ‘paper exercise’, with no need for either party to attend court. It can take around 12-16 weeks to complete, although in cases where financial issues must be resolved it can take longer.

There are four steps that must be completed in order for a divorce to be finalised:

The Petition

The person instigating the Divorce is known as the Petitioner, and it falls on them to provide the court with the Divorce Petition.

There are five legal grounds for divorce, one of which must be cited in order for the divorce to proceed. These are:

  1. Adultery
  2. Unreasonable Behaviour
  3. Two-year Separation
  4. Five-year Separation
  5. Desertion

The court needs to receive the petition along with the court fee and, if children are involved, a Statement of Arrangements for Children.

Acknowledgement of Service

The court should send these documents to the other half of the couple, known as the Respondent, who must then complete and return an Acknowledgement of Service form.

Decree Nisi

Also known as a ‘certificate of nearly there’, the Decree Nisi can only be granted once the court receives the Acknowledgement of Service.

The Petitioner must sign a statement asserting that the contents of their petition are still true, and the Decree Nisi will then be granted in open court. In most cases, neither party needs to be present for this.

Decree Absolute

The certificate that officially terminates your marriage, the Petitioner can apply for a Decree Absolute six weeks and one day after the Decree Nisi is granted.

If there are no complications, a Decree Absolute will usually be processed within 48 hours.

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