Providing Legal Representation to Prisoners

Going to prison can be a traumatic experience, and the prison system can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Therefore, we do all we can to help prisoners work their way through the prison maze and out. Broudie Jackson Canter has a dedicated Crime & Prison Law department with consultants based throughout the country who can provide a continuous service to prisoners as they are moved from prison to prison.

How can our Prison Law Representatives help?

Services we offer our prison law clients include:

  • Parole Board Reviews – We can help with your Parole Board Review, including determinate & extended sentence review, lifer & IPP (pre and post tariff), and recall.
  • Written Representation & Advocacy – We can help you with written representations to the Parole Board, and can also represent you at Parole Board Hearings, including the lead up to your hearing.
  • Discipline cases – We can help with discipline cases where the Governor has granted representation at hearings, and in adjudications that have been referred to the Independent Adjudicator.

Legal Aid is also available for:

  • Category A reviews
  • CSC cases
  • Minimum Term Reviews (HMP)
  • Pre-tariff Sifts
  • Sentence Calculation

And exceptional funding can be available for:

  • Mother and Baby Unit cases
  • License Conditions
  • Segregation

Why choose Broudie Jackson Canter? 

Being the oldest department at Broudie Jackson Canter, our excellent reputation across the North West and beyond means that we are trusted by our clients to secure the best possible outcome. We have worked across the country in courtrooms, police stations and prisons to ensure that our clients have access to fair legal representation.

Broudie Jackson Canter is renowned for providing access to justice for all, at that remains at the core of everything we do. Fighting for your freedom and navigating the legal system is a daunting process. We are here to make this process easier by advising you at every stage of proceedings and offering support.

Client testimonials

Mr Hill kept me up to date with everything to do with my parole and did everything that I had asked of him. I always knew what was happening with my parole from Mr Hill long before the prison or the Parole Board. 

- Mr Lewis, Liverpool

On meeting Mrs. Chapman I could tell she was very professional and knew her job very well. She did me proud. I always knew what was happening and when, and everything was explained very well via video link.

- Miss Amy Brown

Broudie Jackson Canter was very supportive and while I didn’t get the result wanted, I was happy that Broudie Jackson Canter did everything possible for me. They always made time for my calls. They were very clear and helped me understand the process.

- Mr Flanagan

How can you get in touch?

To get in touch, you can write to us at our Walker House office:

Prison Law Department, Broudie Jackson Canter, 3rd Floor, Walker House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool L2 3YL.

You can ring us on 0151 227 1429.

If you or somebody on your behalf has access to email you can email us at enquiry@broudiejacksoncanter.co.uk