Immigration Law for Employers

Helping Employers avoid Civil Penalties and in obtaining and retaining sponsor licences.

All Employers are responsible for helping to prevent illegal working in the UK. The onus is on Employers to establish that all potential and existing Employees are eligible to work in the UK before employing them. 

Failure to do so can have severe consequences, with the company open to prosecution and  heavy fines if an Employee is found to be working illegally. 

In addition, Employers who hold a Tier 2 sponsors licence are responsible for ensuring that they comply with their sponsor duties. This can be extremely challenging and burdensome due to the complex procedures that they must follow to ensure that they do not have their licences downgraded or revoked by the Home Office.  

The Home Office can visit Employers at any time either acting on information that workers are being employed illegally or to ensure that Tier 2 sponsors are complying with their sponsor duties. 

How We Can Help

We can reduce the risk of being penalised for employing illegal workers or losing a sponsor’s licence, and help you to get on with running your business without the worry of falling foul of the constant changes in the Home Office guidance and policy.  

We offer the following services for Employers;

  • Immigration HR audits to minimise the risk of a heavy financial penalty and to assist in compliance with sponsor obligations
  • Advice and support on obtaining and retaining a sponsor licence
  • Follow up inspections to ensure that you have the systems in place to meet Home Office requirements for licenced Employers
  • Advice and support on the recruitment and vetting of Visa national employees 
  • Advice and representation in any Immigration related matter and assisting the individuals with their Immigration applications   
  • Document checking to ensure that your visa national Employees are able to commence and continue employment with your organisation

In the event that you encounter problems with the Home Office, whether in relation to the civil penalty scheme for employing illegal worker or suspension/revocation of your sponsors licence, our expert Wirral or Liverpool Solicitors are able to make representations, claims for mitigation and defence.

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