Solicitor Negligence

Solicitor Negligence can occur when a solicitor has given you negligent or incorrect advice. If this happens, you may have a Professional Negligence claim.

Some common examples of solicitor negligence could be:

  1. A Solicitor might have made a mistake when preparing a Will or administering an Estate.
  2. A Solicitor may be have been undertaking Conveyancing work and failed to make a client aware of a right of way over the land they were purchasing.
  3. A Solicitor might have been dealing with a Personal Injury claim and have failed to properly investigate the medical issues, resulting in the claim being settled for less than it was worth.
  4. A Solicitor may be dealing with a divorce issue and have failed to take into account all of the spouses assets.

Solicitors have a Duty of Care to clients and you expect them to provide correct advice, properly assess risk and only act in your best interests. However, occasionally their services may fall short of the standard you would expect, causing you to lose out financially.

How do I Make a Solicitor Negligence Claim?

Before pursuing a Professional Negligence claim, it’s worth considering if there are alternatives to court action. If this doesn’t resolve the issue and we feel you have viable claim, Jackson Lees may be able to act on your behalf under a conditional fee agreement.

Is Your Claim Worth Less Than £10,000?

Unfortunately Jackson Lees are not able to accept claims worth less than £10,000. They are allocated to the ‘small claims’ track of your local county court and it allows claimants to represent themselves. You are unlikely to recover your legal fees if the claim is successful.

In these situations, often clients may want to keep legal fees to a minimum. We feel that acting in these circumstances poses too great a risk, as we may not have all the necessary details to hand to offer the valuable advice you may require.

If you believe you are the victim of solicitor or barrister Negligence, call Jackson Lees free on 0151 282 1700 to discuss the possibility of a compensation claim.