Elder Abuse and Neglect

Stories of elder abuse and neglect are unfortunately becoming more frequent as news headlines increasingly report on shocking cases of the abuse and neglect of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Abuse or neglect can happen wherever an elderly person lives or visits. For instance, it may occur in a hospital, a residential home, a day care centre or in the person’s own home.

An abuser may be well known to the victim and may even be a family member. Alternatively, the abuser may, for example, be a friend or neighbour, a paid or volunteer care worker, a health or social worker or other paid professional.

When cases of abuse and neglect are discovered it is deeply traumatic for all concerned.

At Jackson Lees, we have an experienced team of lawyers who have the necessary expertise in elder abuse and neglect cases. They will assess whether a claim for compensation can be made by or on behalf of the victim.

We understand how hard it is for victims, and their families, to talk about the incidents and your case will be handled with understanding and sensitivity.

We have particular expertise in claiming compensation in cases involving:

  1. Physical Abuse of the Elderly
  2. Psychological Abuse of the Elderly
  3. Financial Abuse of Vulnerable Adults
  4. Neglect of the Elderly