What to do if you are not satisfied with the service we provide

We aim to provide an efficient, caring and expert legal service. Each year we are audited on behalf of our professional body the Law Society to maintain our Lexcel Quality Mark which covers all aspects of good law firm management. The quality of our work has been recognised by many external awards and by our Lexcel Accreditation.

At the end of each case, we ask for feedback about the standard of service you have received. The vast majority of our clients give us a five-star rating.

However, sometimes things go wrong, and you may feel dissatisfied.  We do not want you to suffer disappointment in silence.  Get in touch with us so we can try and put things right. You may also be dissatisfied about a bill that we send you if you are not legally aided. Sometimes a client might disagree with our view of the law as it applies to their case. In such circumstances, it may be appropriate for that client to obtain advice from another lawyer rather than use this procedure which is for use in relation to service issues.

So, what should you do if you are not satisfied with our work?

  1. Please contact the head of department named in our terms of business who we hope will be able to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.
  2. If the issues remain unresolved, please contact Andrew Holroyd our Head of Risk & Compliance who handles our complaints. You can speak to Andrew on the phone and if he is not available, leave a message with a phone number and he will get back to you as soon as he can. Alternatively, you can email him at aholroyd@jacksonlees.co.uk. He will see what he can do to find a quick solution to your problem. 
  3. If the complaint can not be solved quickly or is complicated, Andrew may ask you to put it in writing, setting out a brief history of the issues. He will investigate your complaint in a more formal way and he will try and respond to you within 21 days of receiving you communication. We aim to deal with all complaints within 28 days if we can, but Legal Ombudsman (LeO) procedures allow us eight weeks to consider your complaint from you first making it to us, to our final response.  Our aim is to try and resolve issues quickly, if that is at all possible.
  4. If at the end of our investigation you are still not satisfied (and that could also apply to the amount of a bill) then it is still possible for you to contact LeO Tel:0300 555 0333 or by email to enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk or by post to Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6167, Slough SL1 0EH.
  5. The time limit for referring a complaint to LeO will be not later than one year from the date of an act or omission; or one year from when the complainant should have realised that there was cause for complaint. LeO will have discretion to accept out of time complaints where they deem it is fair and reasonable to do so.
  6. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) could help if you think a solicitor or firm might have been dishonest or if you have concerns about their behaviour. Detailed information about this can be obtained by contacting them. Examples include: (i) taking or losing your money, (ii) dishonesty or deliberately overcharging you, (iii) treating you unfairly because of your age, a disability or other characteristic. You can contact the SRA at The Cube, 199 Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RN, Tel: 0370 606 2555, website: https://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/problems.page
  7. If we are unable to resolve your concerns, we will explain your right to mediation or access to independent dispute resolution services.    

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in doubt about the procedures set out.

Andrew Holroyd CBE

Head of Risk & Compliance, Jackson Lees Group