Anaesthetic Awareness Claims

Research from the Royal College of Anaesthetists suggests that anaesthesic awareness occurs in one in every 19,000 operations. It happens when patients wake up during surgical procedures, due to not being given the right amount of anaesthetic. Often, they remain paralysed and are unable to communicate with their surgeon to stop the process.

Anaesthesic awareness can cause physical pain and, in some cases, long term psychological damage. We are here to help you through this, and can assist with a Clinical Negligence claim.

At Jackson Lees, we have acted for a number of clients who have suffered as a result of becoming aware of what was happening during an operation, or in the lead up to it, as a result of insufficient or inappropriate amounts of anaesthetic being provided.

We have over 25 years of Clinical Negligence experience, we won’t charge you to discuss your case and we offer conditional fee agreements, also known as ‘no win, no fee’.

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Why Choose Jackson Lees?

Our Clinical Negligence solicitors will provide all the support you need for the duration of your claim. We have been working hard to provide high quality legal services since 1889.

We recognise that this can be an incredibly difficult time for you or your loved one, especially in cases where the hospital may have dismissed your experience or suggested it was your imagination or a dream. Our solicitors know exactly how to approach anaesthesic awareness claims to ensure the full facts are established.

Jackson Lees has a strong track record across a range of Clinical Negligence cases, helping our clients to build a strong case.

We strongly believe in doing all that we can to help and advise clients, ensuring that their best interests are looked after, doing the right thing, the right way.

Case Study

In one case that we acted for, an elderly lady regained consciousness during a heart bypass operation, and was aware of sensations of blood vessels being taken from her leg, and immense chest pain, before she lost consciousness again. During the period she was aware, she could feel the sensations and pain, but was unable to move or communicate to tell anyone that she was conscious. Not unsurprisingly, she suffered from distress and psychological problems for a considerable period after the operation.

Another client we acted for, regained consciousness whilst on the trolley being pushed into the operating theatre, and was again unable to move or tell anyone that she was awake. She was terrified that she would remain conscious throughout the entire operation, although this fortunately did not occur. Again, she suffered ongoing psychological problems following the surgery, as a result of what she had experienced.

Both clients were able to obtain compensation from the hospitals for what they had been through, as a result of instructing us to pursue claims, which we were able to settle on their behalf.

Cases like this can be made more distressing for the victims if they are simply not believed, or told that they have dreamt what happened, so financial settlements can also help to make the clients feel that they have been believed, which can often be just as important in helping them to move forward.

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If you have suffered as a result of anaesthesic awareness, to give your claim the best chance of success it is important to contact experienced Clinical Negligence solicitors as soon as possible. Clinical Negligence claims must be registered within a three year time limit of the incident occurring or of you becoming aware of it in order to be eligible to make a claim.

We can also help if children have been affected, but the claim time limit in these instances is extended to the child’s 21st birthday.

We may be able to help with any Medical Negligence queries you have in our ‘common questions’ section.

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