At Broudie Jackson Canter, we are proud to have represented asylum seekers in the UK for over 40 years.

Claiming Asylum in the UK can be a daunting and stressful process. We have a large team of experienced senior case workers and solicitors, all accredited by the Law Society, who are able to represent your case to the Home Office.

We are able to provide free legal aid to asylum seekers who qualify and we have a trusted network of interpreters to assist us.

We believe that Asylum seekers need the best legal representation to help them navigate this often complex area of law which changes regularly.

Because we conduct hundreds of cases every year for people from countries all over the world and from every background, our lawyers have knowledge and awareness of a wide range of issues. Our clients include LGBT persons, victims affected by war and political oppression, victims of trafficking and unaccompanied minor children.

Why use Broudie Jackson Canter?

  • We are a large and experienced team all accredited by the Law Society to give publicly funded advice and representation
  • We can represent you right from the start of your case up to the Tribunal and High Courts if your case is refused
  • We have extensive knowledge of Asylum and Human Rights law

We can help:

  • If you are thinking of claiming Asylum for the first time or if you have just begun the process
  • If your claim has been turned down and you need to appeal to the Tribunal or apply for judicial review
  • If you are detained and want to apply for bail
  • If you have previously been refused but now have new evidence to support your case

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