Surveyor Negligence

Surveyor negligence can occur when a surveyor makes an error or misses something important when carrying out a survey, or preparing their report. The error may have meant that you were not armed with the correct information about a property’s value or condition when you decided to proceed with a purchase.

Some examples of surveyor negligence are:

  1. The Surveyor could have over valued the property meaning you have over paid.
  2. The Surveyor could have failed to assess the property adequately and warn you of obvious potential problems that require further investigation.
  3. The Surveyor could have failed to identify issues such as damp, subsidence or rot.

If the Surveyor has breached their Duty of Care to you and you have incurred financial loss then you may be able to claim compensation.

How Do I Make a Surveyor Negligence Claim?

Before starting a claim for surveyor negligence you should consider alternatives to court action.

If these options do not resolve the problem, and we consider you have a viable claim, then Jackson Lees may be able to accept your case on a conditional fee agreement.

What If My Claim is Worth Less Than £10,000?

Jackson Lees are unable to accept claims worth less than £10,000 as these are matters that would generally be allocated to the “small claims” track in the County Court. This track is designed for Claimants to represent themselves and you are not likely to be able to recover your legal fees.

For this reason, in small claims, clients usually want to keep their legal fees to a minimum. Jackson Lees consider that accepting these matters poses too great a risk to the client as we are unable to advise without considering the case as a whole, which we cannot do without fees becoming disproportionate.

How can Jackson Lees help?

If you consider you are a victim of surveyor negligence call Jackson Lees free on 0151 282 1700 to discuss your claim.