Spinal Injury Claims

Spinal injuries are among the most serious that a patient can experience, and the consequences are often life-changing. They can result in a sufferer being permanently confined to a wheelchair, while their day-to-day life can be fundamentally altered in a variety of ways.

The Medical Negligence Solicitors at Jackson Lees have successfully acted in many cases where a spinal injury was found to been caused by the poor care of a Medical Professional. We can help you secure practical financial compensation that will make your life a little easier, while this can also assist carers or family members whom you may now depend on.

At Jackson Lees Solicitors, we have a team of specialists supported by a former doctor, nurse and midwife. We meet with you out of hours or at home if this is more convenient.

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How can Medical Negligence cause Spinal Injuries?

There are two primary spinal injury claims we deal with, and both can have a far-reaching impact on a patient’s health.

  • Surgical errors – If mistakes are made during surgery, they may cause damage that cannot be undone.
  • Diagnostic errors – A medical professional should be able to spot any spinal abnormalities and treat them accordingly. If there is a failure or delay in this diagnosis being made, it can allow your condition to worsen in such a way that it is no longer treatable.

Case study

The Clinical Negligence team at Jackson Lees have recently acted in two spinal injury claims where poor diagnosis and lack of correct care has resulted in a case of Medical Negligence.

Spinal injuries can occur in a number of ways, but quite commonly result from a fall. Where the issues tend to arise in respect of Clinical Negligence cases is in relation to whether any treating medical professional took an appropriate history of the nature and cause of the injury, and whether appropriate follow up tests such as scans or x-rays were performed. Sadly, especially after serious accidents, where a number of injuries resulted, it is not unknown for symptoms of a spinal injury to be overlooked, or attributed to some other cause, and this can have lasting effects for the patient if the diagnosis is not made promptly, and the appropriate treatment provided.

In one case, we acted for a client who had suffered a fall whilst taking a shower, and had struck his chin on the side of the bath. He was taken to A&E by ambulance, but following assessment, was discharged. He subsequently continued to suffer from various neurological signs and symptoms, but it was some 6 months before a diagnosis of spinal injury was made and he underwent a number of operations for cervical spine decompression. Even following the surgery, he was left with ongoing problems in the form of difficulties in walking and restricted use of his hand and arm. These issues affected his day to day life considerably, and he was no longer able to work.

The matter eventually settled without need for trial, for £280,000, with the Defendant to repay benefits to DWP of approx. £40,000.

In another case, we acted for a client who had suffered from a fracture to the cervical spine, following a fall from a horse. This was missed by the staff at A+E, and only diagnosed some time later, and she was left with ongoing problems in respect of her dominant arm. We successfully argued that earlier diagnosis and treatment would have avoided these ongoing issues, and the matter was settled for £75,000.

Jackson Lees have considerable experience in dealing with spinal injury cases, and have access to a team of experienced medico legal experts, who can help to assess not only whether a diagnosis was incorrectly made, or overlooked, but also the effect of such a misdiagnosis or delay, in terms of how a client’s outcome might have worsened.

We understand that such Injuries can have a significant effect upon not only the client, but also upon those who care for them, and are experienced in ensuring that all aspects of loss and damage and considered carefully, both in terms of current issues and possible future problems, before any settlement is reached.

Understanding the Claims Process

Spinal injury claims are frequently extremely complex, as it must be proven that your injuries are the result of inadequate care that’s why you need a specialist to look after your claim. Our Medical Negligence team have over 25 years of experience in dealing with conditions such as Cauda Equina Syndrome and other types of spinal injuries, and know exactly what to do to uncover the crucial information.

We also recognise the psychological impact of these cases, and will do all we can to support you and your family throughout the process. We will draw on the experience of highly regarded medical experts to support your claim, and work tirelessly to ensure you receive the help you need.

For further information about making a claim, you may find our knowledge hub useful.

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