Wills, Trusts & Probate Disputes

Disputes surrounding a deceased person’s Will or Estate can arise in a number of ways, most commonly with someone claiming a Will is either not valid or not fair.

Our team are experts in Will, Trust & Probate Disputes and we are on hand to offer all the advice you need, whether you are bringing or defending a claim.

Types of Will, Trust & Probate Dispute

Our team can assist you however a Dispute has arisen. We frequently deal with the following:

There are a number of reasons why a Will may be found to be invalid. Often someone is claiming their loved one did not have the Mental Capacity to make a Will.

Jackson Lees Solicitors have experience on both sides of these arguments, with a strong track record of successfully proving and disproving challenges to the validity of Wills.

Under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, it is possible for certain categories of people who for whatever reason have not benefited from the deceased’s Estate to make a claim for Financial Provision.

Jackson Lees Solicitors frequently act for people making these claims, as well as other beneficiaries of the Estate and the Executors.

When a person dies and leaves a Will, Executors will be appointed to Administer their Estate. Where there is no Will, one or more people who were close to the deceased can assume the role of Administrator.

Problems may occur if the Executors or Administrators do not cooperate or refuse to carry out their duties. If this happens, the matter needs to be handled carefully to ensure the estate is not left unadministered and a loved one’s wishes unfulfilled. Jackson Lees Solicitors can advise you on how the issue may be best resolved.

Is your Claim Worth Less than £10,000?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept claims worth less than £10,000. They are allocated to the ‘small claims’ track of your local county court and it allows claimants to represent themselves. You are unlikely to recover your legal fees if the claim is successful. In these situations, often clients may want to keep legal fees to a minimum. We feel that acting in these circumstances poses too great a risk, as we may not have all the necessary details to hand to offer the valuable advice you may require.

Get Advice from Jackson Lees

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