Property is often the most valuable asset that you own, and unfortunately this can lead to Disputes. The property in question may be a home, business premises or even a large area of farmland, and it is only natural that you would seek to protect this in the event of a legal dispute.

At Jackson Lees Solicitors, our Property Solicitors have dealt successfully with a range of cases. We have experience and expertise in Property Law and Dispute Resolution, meaning we can advise you on the best way of resolving your problems.

Where necessary, we can also guide you through the legal process of any court action, providing the peace of mind you need during what can be a stressful time.

What We Can Help With

Our Land & Property Dispute expertise covers many areas, including:

  1. Joint Ownership Disputes – can involve co-owners disagreeing over how much money each is due from a sale, or someone not registered as an owner making a claim on a property.
  2. Claims for Failure to Complete – if your sale or purchase is not completed as agreed, you may be able to claim against the responsible party.
  3. Misrepresentation – occurs when a seller gives false information about their property that influences a person’s decision to buy.
  4. Enforcement of Pre-emption Agreements and Option Agreements – can help ensure predetermined agreements around the property are adhered to.
  5. Overage Payment Disputes – overage agreements may be made in order for a seller to benefit from an increase in a property’s value after it is sold, e.g. if planned development work goes ahead, and these are occasionally disputed later on.
  6. Land and Property Contracts – dealing with any disputes that may arise surrounding the fulfilment of contracts.

What happens if your claim is worth less than £10,000?

We do not accept claims that are worth less than £10,000. Claims of this value are dealt with through the ‘small claims’ court. It’s a simplified procedure allowing parties to represent themselves. You generally will not be able to recover legal fees if your claim is successful.

Clients in these cases tend to want to keep their legal fees low and may only wish to receive minimal help from a lawyer. We feel this poses a risk that we will not have all the necessary details to offer valuable advice in these matters.

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