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Civil Partnerships

There is only one ground for ending a Civil Partnership, which is when it is facing an inevitable breakdown and the parties cannot work out their differences.

The main thing to note is that the parties involved must have been in a Civil Partnership for at least 12 months before proceedings are able to commence.

In order to make an application for Dissolution, the person applying (the Petitioner) needs to prove one of the following facts:

  1. Unreasonable Behaviour
  2. You have been separated for 2 or more years
  3. You have been separated and lived apart for 2 years or more and both agree to the dissolution
  4. You have been separated and lived apart for 5 years or more

One difference between a Divorce and Civil Partnership is that there is no adultery ground for those wanting to dissolve a Civil Partnership as the legal definition of adultery relates only to heterosexual couples.

You should also be aware that Civil Partnership Dissolution differs to Divorce proceedings, as it does not deal with financial matters and a separate Court order application will be required.

There are certain circumstances when further specialist advice is required, such as:

  1. When a partner has been suffering from mental illness
  2. When a partner was pregnant without the others knowledge
  3. When a partner is unaware the other has changed gender

For more information about Civil Partnership separation, please refer to our fact sheet which provides key points on the matter.

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