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Child Arrangements Order

The breakdown of a relationship is difficult for everyone involved. In cases where there are children involved, Grandparents may be worried that they will not see their Grandchildren.

Whilst Grandparents have no automatic rights in these situations, Jackson Lees Solicitors can offer advice on the steps you can take in order to maintain contact. Our team are fully aware of how sensitive these cases can be, and our careful, considered approach will make the process as easy as possible for you.

When dealing with a Divorce or Separation, it is obviously preferable if matters such as contact with your Grandchildren can be resolved amicably and without the need for legal action.

However, this is sadly not always possible, and this is where our supportive, experienced team can step in and help you pursue the relevant legal channels, such as applying for a Child Arrangements Order which provides for the following:

    1. With whom a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact
    2. When a child is to live, spend time or otherwise have contact with any person

What Will the Courts Consider?

As Grandparents do not have direct parental responsibility, you must first Apply for Permission to make such a request. In these cases, the Courts will always act in what they believe to be the Child’s best interests. They will consider:

      1. The Nature of the proposed application order
      2. The Applicant’s connection with the child
      3. The Applicant’s previous involvement in the child’s life
      4. Any risk of potential disruption to the child’s life that could be harmful to them

Upon assessment of these factors, if the Court believes that the application by the Grandparent is in the best interests of the children, it is likely to grant permission to apply.

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