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Criminal Duty Solicitor
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I am a Criminal Duty Solicitor based in the Liverpool Walker House office.  My day to day role varies depending on client requirements. I represent clients at the police station, during prison adjudications, at the Magistrates Court and I prepare Crown Court cases. I have had conduct of all types of cases from Magistrates’ Court Cases to the most serious Crown Court Cases.

During my period of qualification I have dealt with a lot of “Dangerous Dog” cases and due to my success and commitment have been instructed by local animal charities to assist clients to contest applications to destroy their dogs.

Many people who come into the Criminal Justice System believe that everyone is against them and that everyone has prejudged them. I approach every case with an open mind and without judgment. There are always two sides to every story and I am committed to putting my client’s case to the court in whatever form of evidence it may take. 

Quite often people believe that they will not get justice in the Magistrates’ Court hence the fact that this court is often referred to as “the kangaroo court”. However, I have had a lot of success in the Magistrates’ Court in all types of cases because I prepare my cases as if the client was one of my friends or family taking the stand. I put my all into every case without exception.

I will use every tool and power available to me to ensure that my client’s have a fair trial and that their personal needs are attended to as much as possible during this stressful time.

A little about me

I have always wanted to be a solicitor from being a young girl which stems from my love of having a debate.  My father always told me that there wasn’t an argument that I couldn’t win and that I was always meant to be in this role. 

I love my role as a solicitor as I get to meet people from all walks of life and I like to believe that I can assist them and support them in what can sometimes be very trying circumstances.

I give a personal touch to my client’s and I make them feel that they are not just a client of the firm but “my client” and they will be looked after and I will strive to get the best result for them. I feel that my personal approach and my genuine empathy sets me and our firm apart from other firms in the City.

My experience

I have been working for criminal law firms since 2006 initially as a trainee solicitor and I joined Broudie Jackson Canter in 2009 as a trainee solicitor, qualifying as a criminal solicitor and being admitted onto the roll of solicitors on 03.08.2009. I went on to become a qualified Duty Solicitor in November 2010.

Client testimonials

I found Vicky to be very informative, she made things very clear & easy to understand. I found her to be very supportive in what were extremely traumatic circumstances.

- Miss M. 

I was happy with the proceedings and happy with what you have been able to do for me

- Anon