Date published: 7th September 2020

Just over two years ago Elkan Abrahamson and Nicola Brook, from our Major Inquests team, met with a grieving father who needed help through the stressful Inquest process.

The Inquest was turned into a Public Inquiry. The start date of this Inquiry was adjourned twice. The bombers brother and co-conspirator has been convicted of murder and sentenced to a minimum tariff of 55 years.

Today, the Public Inquiry starts. It will look into missed opportunities to prevent the attack and whether the emergency response could have been improved in the hope that nobody else goes to a pop concert and does not return home.

As those involved begin this devastating period of uncertainty and search for the truth, we wanted to remember those who we are fighting for.

22 lives were lost at the devastating Manchester Arena Attack. We extend our thoughts to the victims, their families and all those who have been physically and mentally affected by this disaster.