Date published: 4th August 2020

4th August 2020

Since May we have been supporting Covid-19 Bereaved families for Justice UK, a group of nearly 4000 bereaved families who are fighting for a Public Inquiry into the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is particularly necessary now, as the death toll has reached over 65,000.

Last week, we received a response from the Government who refused to meet with the family members to hear the stories of their lost loved ones and the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

The family members have threatened legal action against the government with the help of Elkan Abrahamson, Head of Major Inquiries here at Broudie Jackson Canter. The families are now calling for a "rapid review to prevent unnecessary deaths this winter," followed by a longer public inquiry after the pandemic. A letter before claim has beensent to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock. The group now needs to raise funds and has turned to Crowdfunder to help them do this.

Elkan told the Liverpool ECHO:

The government was too scared to take action when the pandemic started, is too scared to allow an immediate inquiry into its actions and is too scared to meet bereaved families. Legal action is a last resort and one we and the families want to avoid but unless the government speaks to us and acts we have no choice.

Fiona Kirkton, a representative of the group, commented:

The fact Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have refused to meet us shows a lack of support, respect and humanity. Our loved ones have suffered horrible deaths, we should be focusing on healing from our pain, and instead we have to take legal action to secure an immediate public inquiry, purely because we do not want other families to suffer as we have.

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The government has now agreed to open a statutory Public Inquiry, meaning anyone who has lost a loved one to Covid can assign legal representation and be a core participant in the Covid Inquiry. You can find out more about the next steps in the fight for justice for those who have lost loved ones to Covid-19. If you have any questions about the Inquiry, what core participation means for you and what is involved, visit our Covid Inquiry Questions page.